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Can the same skills that help leaders rise within organizations become obstacles to their greatness? Decidedly yes, argues leadership consultant Lolly Daskal. The weaknesses that can shadow a leader’s strengths differ depending on the leader’s behavior profile, or “archetype.” Drawing on psychological and philosophical principles and her experiences as a consultant, Daskal presents an easy-to-understand rubric of seven leadership archetypes – each with “leadership gaps” that leaders must acknowledge and overcome. By offering clear guidelines for identifying these behavioral models and providing practical tips leaders can use to convert their potential weaknesses into positives, Daskal challenges readers to rethink what they believe about themselves and their roles as leaders. getAbstract recommends her analysis and strategies to leaders who want to maximize their strengths.

In this book, you will learn

  • How to categorize leaders according to “seven archetypes,”
  • Which abilities and tendencies each archetype embodies; and
  • What “leadership gaps” keep each archetype from greatness – and how to leverage these gaps.

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