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The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture

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The Man’s Guide to Corporate Culture

A Practical Guide to the New Normal and Relating to Female Coworkers in the Modern Workplace

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Just for men in the modern workplace: Rules of engagement for interacting with female co-workers.

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The gender equality movement has fundamentally altered the work environment. Companies are now hiring and promoting more women – notably, in upper management positions traditionally dominated by men. Many men feel uncertain about navigating these developments. Wariness of sexual harassment allegations can make some men shy away from working closely with female colleagues. Others find themselves questioning their longstanding attitudes and behaviors. In this must-read manual, Heather Zumarraga offers compassionate, yet challenging advice for men on how to avoid workplace pitfalls. Her approach isn’t flawless, but the topic is so crucial, men and women alike can benefit from her guidance.


The rise of women in the workforce changes the rules for men.

As women make progress toward workplace equality, the issue of sexual harassment has moved to the forefront. Sexual harassment allegations have wrecked the careers of many prominent men, as the reality of sexual harassment has harmed many women. As a result, some men are wary of accusations of inappropriate conduct, and may struggle to understand the new rules of workplace engagement.

Many men need to learn better ways to communicate and collaborate with female co-workers. Those who deny that workplace culture has changed and resist forming productive relationships with women at work will never maximize their career potential.

Women have proven their merit as leaders.

Companies benefit from the presence of more women in the labor market. According to an International Monetary Fund survey, the contrasting skills and viewpoints of men and women boost organizational growth and productivity. Studies indicate that adding women to corporate boards improves their companies’ financial performance. Though men still...

About the Author

Heather Zumarraga is an economic and financial correspondent for several national TV news outlets.

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    W. B. 2 years ago
    Althought it's a good start that we talk about women and men in a workplace let's not pretend that we know everything. Author says that in a workplace you should behave strictly professionally yet ~22% married couples in USA started their relationship in workplace. I don't think author wants to prevent that. Hence we need to have more discussions and better set of rules for workplace than presented in this book.