The Ministry of Common Sense
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The Ministry of Common Sense

How to Eliminate Bureaucratic Red Tape, Bad Excuses, and Corporate BS

Avoid Stupidity

by David Meyer

Best-selling author and common sense consultant Martin Lindstrom explains how to rid your company of inane rules and managerial stupidity.

Global consultant and Wall Street Journal bestseller Martin Lindstrom knows corporate foibles from the inside. Here, he recounts a few of the business world’s most ludicrous bureaucratic rules. His entertaining jaunt through inanity may lead you to consider what idiocies your company exhibits and why. Lindstrom’s useful, fun manual will inspire executives and staff members to try to reduce the level of stupidity in their organization’s actions and policies.

Choosing this as its Book of the Month, The Financial Times said, “Anyone who has ever worked in a big corporate structure will be nodding along and underlining every page in this book.” Arianna Huffington called it, “Essential reading for all of us who feel bogged down in workplace bureaucracy and wish to improve our quality of life at work.”

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