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The New Economy Drivers and Disrupters Report

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The New Economy Drivers and Disrupters Report

Tracking the Forces Threatening the World’s Hottest Economies

Bloomberg Businessweek ,

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What's inside?

With the global economy pitching curve balls, can emerging countries still hit a home run?

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Progress and expansion once followed clear-cut game plans. But new, turbulent elements are in play, shaping both advanced and developing countries around the world. Economists Tim Orlik and Scott Johnson and financial journalist Alex Tanzi describe the major “drivers and disrupters” rewriting the playbooks for economic growth in this clear, concise and accessible report. This overview offers insights to policy makers and executives looking for a strategic framework by which to understand shifting macroeconomic patterns.


New forces are rattling the global economy.

Since the 1980s, a growing labor pool, investments in infrastructure and productivity improvements have been primary inputs to an established formula for economic advancement. But today, new forces are shaking prosperity: 

  • “Protectionist perils” – Geopolitics interfere with trade and therefore affect progress. The United States–China trade war and Brexit are examples of protectionism upending global trade and supply chains.
  • “Robots rising” – Automation boosts productivity, but with job security paying the costs. If technology is left to evolve on its own in advanced countries, income inequality will increase. Developed economies face the most risk of disruption from...

About the Authors

Tom Orlik and Scott Johnson  are economists for Bloomberg Economics. Alex Tanzi is a senior editor on Bloomberg's US economy team. 

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