The New Face of Wealth and Legacy

The New Face of Wealth and Legacy

How Women Are Redefining Wealth, Giving and Legacy Planning

EIU, 2018

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Experts forecast that, by 2020, 32% of all wealth will be in the hands of the female population. Add to this mix women growing their contribution to global labor forces, as well as assuming senior roles in business and in government, and the Year of the Woman may well become the Decade of the Woman. The Economist Intelligence Unit analyzes the results of a survey conducted to better understand women’s growing economic influence. getAbstract recommends this robust report to financial planners, entrepreneurs and business professionals.


Women are reshaping the global commercial, financial and economic landscape. From monetary holdings to professional positions and entrepreneurial efforts, females across the world are controlling a larger share of assets, entering the labor force in increasing proportions and creating new companies. A growing number of female executives reside in C-suites and act as heads of global institutions. Women own nearly 10 million US businesses, and they co-own another 2.5 million; combined, those firms employ 15 million people and generate $2.5 trillion in revenue. By 2020, women’s wealth will total $72...

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