The Next Civil War
A review of

The Next Civil War

Dispatches from the American Future

The End of the Experiment

by David Meyer

Prolific author Stephen Marche provides a frightening overview of the possible unraveling of American society.

America has gone from being a global leader to a polarized, divisive and paralyzed nation, and it might well descend into civil war, says prolific novelist, essayist and Esquire editor Stephen Marche in this chilling work of nonfiction. Though he bases his writing on detailed research, Marche constructs scenes of America’s possible future with a novelist’s narrative drive, offering readers a chilling hypothetical portrait of the downfall of a divided nation.


After Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election, calls arose for violent resistance. But Marche explains that extreme antigovernment rhetoric has spurred the American right toward armed domestic conflict – a civil war – since Barack Obama’s 2008 election. 

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    J. M. 7 months ago
    Thank you for doing this review, David. Until a summary comes out, if it does, this is very helpful.

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