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If you liked Chicken Soup for the Soul, you'll love this book, and some of its tips may even help you make some extra money and maximize the money you have. It is an unusual collaboration between Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup's co-author, and Robert G. Allen, author of several books on getting rich in real estate. The book is half novel (on the right-hand pages) and half collection of self-help and investing advice (on the left-hand pages). Both the motivational fiction and the guidance are clear, though often familiar and a bit simplistic. The self-help and money-making tips evolve from standard get-rich books, spiritual manuals, real estate investment guides, management literature and pop psychology, but they are well-compiled and linked with supportive commentary. The most compelling tips involve giving, not getting, which is a nice twist. The book has a little of everything, from poetry to great quotations, so it resembles a deluxe pizza with many scattered toppings more than a nourishing bowl of mom's chicken soup. getAbstract says dig in, if that's your dish.

About the Authors

Mark Victor Hansen is the co-author of one of the bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul and, with Robert G. Allen, is also the co-author of Cracking the Millionaire Code. Allen is the author of several other financial books, including No Money Down.



The 24 Ahas of Millionaires

Although money isn't everything, it is something - and it is a significant tool. Becoming a millionaire is not an impossible dream. Every minute, a new millionaire comes into being. Millionaires have certain things in common; they know how to dream and how to develop a mindset of confidence and desire. Millionaires assemble teams of partners and mentors to make their dreams a reality. Finally, the "enlightened millionaire" thinks of giving, as well as getting, and becomes rich by creating value for others. Millionaires need desire, faith and commitment. If you can muster these traits, you can be one, too. The 24 "millionaire Ahas" are basic principles you need to know to become a millionaire. They are:

  1. "Everyone manifests" - That is, everybody makes their thoughts into actuality, so you must commit to being a millionaire.
  2. "Be, do, have" - First you must be enlightened and prepared to create value for others. Then you must do something you love. Then you can have your dreams.
  3. "Avoid the trap of laying blame" - Take responsibility for your choices.
  4. "Abundance is your natural...

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    M. G. 6 years ago
    Tye books and then advices are remarkable

     few time it was more theoretical than practical as he described then perfect system  

    But over all is perfect but the Author seems to advice to work on real estate  which more classic than its inovintiv