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The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need

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The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need


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Top salespeople apply nine mind-set traits and eight skill sets to become sales superstars.

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The popular image of a salesperson as a fast-talking, manipulative hustler with a big, phony smile has become ridiculous. Contemporary super-tough, seen-it-all buyers wouldn’t let such a slickster in the door. Top salespeople today are likable, confident, impressive business professionals of good character. They don’t try to manipulate anyone; instead, the best salespeople influence their prospects as business problem solvers who merit attention and respect. Sales master Anthony Iannarino’s company book details the nine mind-set traits and eight skill sets salespeople need now. And he’s organized his clear lists for easy reference. getAbstract recommends his informative, useful manual to sales professionals and sales managers.   


The Three Requirements of Sales Success

Success in sales doesn’t rely on what you sell or where you sell it; it derives solely from who you are, and how you build and use your capabilities, talents and attitudes. To be the absolute best salesperson you can be, according to Gerhard Gschwandtner, who publishes Selling Power magazine, you need three things: the right “mind-set, a skill set and a toolkit.”  

Just as the periodic table in chemistry currently has 118 elements – up from the original 63 in 1869 – the “periodic table of sales” has 17 elements: nine attributes of the proper mind-set and eight necessary skills.

The third item on Gschwandtner’s list, the proper toolkit, includes your company’s “scripts, playbooks, documented sales processes and sales methodologies.” Sales toolkits are specific and vary from firm to firm. What might apply to one firm could have no relevance at all for another.

“Mind-Set: The Beliefs and Behaviors of Sales Success”

A sales superstar has a certain mind-set. If your attitudes aren’t right for sales – if these mind-sets don’t fit your view of yourself – even ...

About the Author

Anthony Iannarino addresses sales organizations nationwide and teaches part-time at Capital University’s Capital School of Management and Leadership. He founded

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    A. S. 5 years ago
    Solidly written for newer salesman
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    R. R. 5 years ago
    The book is a good reminder of what it takes to be a sales person.
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    S. G. 5 years ago
    This summary lists what you need to do to be successful in sales. And just like most sales books, it doesn't tell you how to do what is necessary.
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      4 years ago
      what do you mean by how to do what is necessary?

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