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The Organic Advantage

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The Organic Advantage

Master SEO and Natural Traffic Generation for Your eCommerce Business to Achieve Reliable, Sustainable Growth


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SEO expert Martin Hayman offers strategies to increase your website traffic flow and drive revenue to new heights.

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Is your website traffic in a jam? Have you tried talking to an SEO expert but became lost in the barrage of technical jargon? SEO expert Martin Hayman works with e-commerce companies big and small that aren’t seeing the results they need from their SEO activity. He clears up many misconceptions about SEO and confirms that it works, especially when applied in concert with paid channels. Hayman created the “ANCHOR“ framework to break down the SEO process into six major areas that aim to help you increase traffic to your website.


As competition increases and search engines improve, strong, comprehensive SEO strategy fuels business success.

In 2011 and 2012 respectively, Google released the Panda and Penguin updates to improve the veracity of their search results. The updates rendered spammy, duplicate content and private blog networks (PBNs) ineffectual. Digital marketers could no longer game the system by stuffing anchor text with keywords.

Marketers must be strategic and intentional about anchor text usage. Tactics such as over-optimizing title tags, ordering dozens of social bookmarks or creating hundreds of different versions of the same basic article no longer work.

The ANCHOR model simplifies the online marketing process and provides a framework for SEO campaigns.

The ANCHOR model offers a sound blueprint for more successful SEO campaigns:

  • “Audit” – Conduct a comprehensive review of all site functions and SEO marketing.
  • “Next steps” – Fix low-hanging fruit technical issues and identify follow-up tasks. 
  • “Content” – Evaluate the effectiveness of existing...

About the Author

Martin Hayman is the founder of the SEO agency Wild Sprout and a respected industry trainer and speaker.

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