The Politics Industry
A review of

The Politics Industry

How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy

Smash the System

by David Meyer

A Harvard professor and a business leader detail the destructive flaws in the current US political system and offer real-world, practical solutions.

Business leader Katherine M. Gehl and professor Michael E. Porter recognize that Americans feel strong distaste for the extreme partisanship dividing the nation. Yet people have grown accustomed to this toxic status quo, and so they feel positive change is impossible. Gehl and Porter, in this disciplined, aware and thought-provoking book, highlight how the American political scene has evolved to this point and why change must come to protect national interests and the majority of citizens. The authors explain how the electorate can implement much-needed reforms.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle honored this work. Republican senator Mitt Romney said, “A noted business leader joins America’s preeminent business strategist to diagnose what ails our political system and prescribe a cure.” Former Democratic senator Even Bayh called it “an actual manual for how Americans can reclaim our democracy and make it work for the people rather than for the political-industrial complex. Read it and act!”

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