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The Potential of Generative AI for L&D With Donald Clark

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The Potential of Generative AI for L&D With Donald Clark


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Discover how generative AI is reshaping the learning and development field.

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In this episode of The Learning and Development Podcast, host David James discusses the transformative potential of generative AI on learning and development with L&D expert Donald Clark. James and Clark emphasize how AI is already helping L&D professionals adopt a more personalized, bottom-up approach to learning and how it will continue to challenge traditional course-based methods. Clark argues that L&D teams should enthusiastically embrace the power of generative AI to enhance learning, productivity and overall effectiveness.


The rollout of ChatGPT marked a significant new AI milestone.

While the real impact of AI in people’s daily lives began roughly 20 years ago with the advent of technologies like Google Search and Google Maps, the November 30, 2022 release of ChatGPT marked a significant milestone in AI history. This new AI model quickly gained popularity, reaching a million users within two days and a hundred million users within two months. Bill Gates called this era of AI the most significant development in computing since 1980. He emphasized its transformative impact on the field of technology and its potential to help with education and learning.

Generative AI draws on, and, thus, reflects the vast knowledge available online. Experts already see people using it as a productivity tool in their professional lives: Tasks that previously took weeks to finish&#...

About the Podcast

Host David James is the chief learning strategist at Looop and guest Donald Clark is an EdTech entrepreneur, CEO and professor.

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