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The Power of the Phoenix Process

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The Power of the Phoenix Process

How to turn to face what needs to change

Julie Masters,

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When your life is on fire, let it burn down, so something better can spring up in its place.

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What if your soul is telling you wholeheartedly to initiate a loss, whether by quitting your job, leaving your marriage or renegotiating the shape of your life? Many people will ignore that inner voice, clinging to the status quo. In this episode of the Inside Influence podcast, author and Omega Institute co-founder Elizabeth Lesser and influence expert and podcast host Julie Masters discuss both the pain and the liberation that can come from going through the “phoenix process”: If you let the fire burn down what no longer serves you, you gain the trust and courage to rise out of the ashes stronger.


When your life is on fire, consider letting it burn. Chances are only the things that no longer serve you will perish.

Many cultures feature a myth about a bird – often called a phoenix – that rises from the ashes after a devastating fire. In some versions, the bird senses the need for change and builds the pyre itself, piling frankincense, myrrh, herbs and branches in a heap, before setting itself aflame. When only a pile of smoking embers remains, a new bird bursts from the ashes, shining and magnificent. This idea of destroying yourself to re-create yourself is nothing short of magical.

When your life is on fire, you may frantically try to put out the flames. Or you might continue to plod along – simply because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do – even as your inner voice tells you that you’re not living to your fullest potential. The result? You wear yourself out, get sick or live half a life. Have you ever considered letting the fire burn away the things that no longer...

About the Podcast

Co-founder of the Omega Institute, Elizabeth Lesser is also the author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow and The Seeker’s Guide: Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure. Julie Masters is the co-founder of ODE Management, a speaker management agency serving the US and Australia. She’s the founder and CEO of Influence Nation, and the host of the Inside Influence podcast, which discusses what it takes to build trust and authority in your space.

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