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Increasingly, people are struggling to keep up with the pace of change in society and their personal lives – and it only seems to keep speeding up. Humans, by nature, are not good at navigating change, entrepreneur and change expert Campbell Macpherson argues. However, all is not lost. In this practical book, Macpherson outlines tangible ways people can learn not only to handle major life changes, but welcome them. In a world evolving at a dizzying pace, learning how to thrive in the midst of change may be one of the most important skills anyone can develop.

About the Author

Campbell Macpherson is an international business adviser, keynote speaker and author of The Change Catalyst: Secrets to Successful and Sustainable Change


How people manage change is a critical component of their success in life.

The pace of change is accelerating, and altering the world in irreversible ways. Technological, political and social change are remaking the world in ways people are only beginning to understand. While dealing with change has become more common than ever, managing it remains difficult. Processing the intense emotions around change – especially big, life-altering changes – is particularly important to navigating it successfully.

People instinctively create barriers to change. It’s important that you seek outside help when you’re going through transformational life changes. But ultimately, change is only possible when an individual truly wants it, and digs deep to find the inner resources to make it work.

The way people live and work is changing permanently, in profound and fundamental ways.

Some of the most pressing technological, social and political changes include the following:

  • The internet – The internet has upended entire industries in just a few decades of existence. Eight of...

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