Most people know how the Internet is transforming the world. Far fewer people know how the Chinese Internet is changing China. In this brief, substantive talk, media executive Gary Liu helps fill that knowledge gap. Liu provides useful context and humanizes massive changes that might not be on your radar. getAbstract recommends this talk to everyone interested in technology, social change, China or the future of the world.


Amid China’s annual crush of travelers during the Chinese New Year, 290 million migrant laborers make the longest, most arduous trips, typically by train. This population’s huge demand for better transport systems has propelled rapid innovations in tech. Similarly, serving China’s “underpriviledged populous” drives invention and entrepreneurship nationwide. Unlike China’s wealthy, the rural, uneducated or poor didn’t benefit from China’s long economic boom. That’s changing as investors and inventors now focus on the underclass. And in the process, the web has become a tool for empowerment.

China’s tech industry may owe its fast growth to the large...

About the Speaker

Gary Liu is CEO of the South China Morning Post.

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