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The Relationship Economy

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The Relationship Economy

Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age

Greenleaf Book Group,

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Relationship-centric businesses gain a unique, competitive advantage in a technology-based world.

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Don’t confuse digital connectivity with human connection, cautions business consultant John DiJulius. The proliferation of robotic and remote online interactions makes the capacity to form human relationships an essential business skill. Master that ability and deliver exceptional customer service to forge an impregnable competitive advantage. According to DiJulius, putting relationships at the center of your business strategy is the formula for success in the digital age.


Technological advances have forever changed how people communicate and interact.

Connecting digitally through computers, smartphones and tablets has led to the rapid erosion of social skills. E-commerce means people shop at fewer physical locations and communicate digitally when considering or making a purchase. Feeling isolated, they yearn for personal acknowledgment. Competitors can replicate innovations before you establish an advantage and technological breakthroughs may disrupt long-standing industries. Customer relationships are the ultimate differentiator and defense. Improve your relationship-building skills by:

  • “Being authentic” – Genuine interest in others always engages.
  • “Being obsessively curious” – Curiosity about other people is irresistible.
  • “Being a great listener” – Focus, ask questions, make eye contact and don’t interrupt.
  • Practicing “incredible empathy” – Take someone else’s perspective to better understand their experiences.
  • Choosing to “love people” – Love helps you serve and cherish your...

About the Author

Founder of the salon chain John Robert’s Spa and the DiJulius Group, John DiJulius also wrote Secret Service: Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service and What’s the Secret? To Providing a World-Class Customer Experience.

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