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While a career in IT carries great job security, you often find yourself doing the same kinds of tasks and using the same set of skills, regardless of where you choose to work – which might prompt you to think about making a change in your career path. But where should you start? In this helpful interview, IT Career Energizer Podcast host Phil Burgess talks with renowned career coach Laura Berman Fortgang about where to look for inspiration ​​​​​​when considering your future career prospects.

About the Podcast

The IT Career Energizer Podcast, hosted by Phil Burgess, aims to help those wanting to start, develop and grow a career in the IT industry succeed. Life and career coach Laura Berman Fortgang is also a best-selling author and public speaker.


People want to feel they’re doing something meaningful.

If there’s one thing Laura Berman Fortgang has learned in 27 years as a career coach, it’s that people want to have a sense that the work they do is meaningful. If they lack that feeling, they start looking for ways to reinvent themselves. Often, events completely outside a person’s control lead them to reevaluate their careers. When the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place, for example, Fortgang saw a massive influx of new clients. In many ways, the same thing is occurring during the global COVID-19 pandemic: People are rethinking how they want to live and work, but are also considering which industries will survive in the coming years, and which careers might face extinction.

IT may be one of the more secure career paths in the face of ongoing changes in the world of work, but, Fortgang states, continuing to grow your skill set remains extremely important – especially as AI and machine learning continue to expand. Fortgang also notes that the tech realm...

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