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The Rocket Years

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The Rocket Years

How Your Twenties Launch the Rest of Your Life


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When life is like a rocket, 20-somethings have millions of miles to go. How should you chart your course?

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Your 20s are a time of adventure and a time of preparation. Family and career obligations tend to be minimal, so you have space to explore and make mistakes. At the same time, you have exceptional opportunities to steer your life in the direction you’d like it to go. You will form habits that last a lifetime. Name a field, and millennials and generation Zers like you are probably redefining it. Seasoned journalist Elizabeth Segran offers personal anecdotes and statistics as she walks readers of all ages through some of the common choices you make in your formative years. 


Your 20s offer leeway to experiment and prepare for later success.

Cuyana c0-founder Shilpa Shah’s mentor always compared life to a rocket in which the choices you make in your 20s shape the trajectory of your life. Likely to have minimal pressure from your parents, family and career, you form preferences and habits that persist far beyond your rocket years. 

Statistically, you will find it easier to establish productive habits when you’re younger. However, knowing the data can empower you to make positive changes in your relationships, career, hobbies and faith, no matter your age.

As the largest generations in the workforce, millennials and generation Z are revolutionizing society’s approach to work.

According to economists, professional turmoil in your 20s is normal. You may hop from job to job or struggle to find a position that challenges and fulfills you. You may consider attending graduate school or getting a certificate. A full 42% of millennials join the gig economy, which offers freedom and flexibility, but less stability. Luckily, most people find fulfilling...

About the Author

Elizabeth Segran, a senior staff writer at Fast Company, has a PhD in women’s studies and Indian literature.

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