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The Secret Language of Business

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The Secret Language of Business

How to Read Anyone in 3 Seconds or Less


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What's inside?

Though it’s not magic, understanding body language will help you boost your performance and conjure up new business.

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Despite the tantalizing title, this book by body language expert Kevin Hogan reveals few secrets as it introduces the study of nonverbal communication. However, much of the book’s thorough material on body language is useful and accurate, though basic – the kind of thing most people know intuitively. Hogan explores how body language, physical positioning, appearance, tone of voice, eye contact and the like communicate more than words ever could. Then, he explains how you can use this knowledge to improve every interaction you have in business. Much of the advice is specific to western cultures, though the author discusses other norms. If you’re looking for an easy-to-read overview on this subject, getAbstract suggests beginning with this user-friendly text. It covers the fundamentals, and the take-aways ending each chapter make it easy to digest.


Say What?

People communicate through language, but the words you say, or even write, are only part of what you communicate. The messages you don’t verbalize, but convey in a variety of other ways, such as gestures, dress, body position or tone of voice, account for the majority of the content you communicate. To become an effective communicator, study nonverbal communication, which is generally defined as, “The process of sending and receiving messages without using words.” According to Mark Knapp, author of Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction, body language types fall into six categories:

  1. “Repeating” – Gestures or body language that support a statement.
  2. “Conflicting” – Body language that contradicts what the speaker is saying.
  3. “Complementing” – Genuine behavior that reinforces the spoken word.
  4. “Substituting” – Nonverbal behavior that someone uses in place of words.
  5. “Accenting/Moderating” – Body language used to emphasize or underplay a point.
  6. “Regulating...

About the Author

Dr. Kevin Hogan has written several books, including the bestseller, The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking. He’s a body language expert, speaker, consultant and business coach who appears frequently in the media.

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