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All the way back in 2006, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk posted his tongue-in-cheek “secret” plan for Tesla Motors on the Tesla website. In it, Musk explains the value and purpose of launching the Tesla Roadster – the first fully electric, high-performance sports car. He plainly demonstrates the economic logic and the environmental benefits of his company’s business plan. He lays out his long-term vision to reduce battery waste and CO2 emissions and, most important, to move into the affordable family-vehicle market. getAbstract recommends Musk’s master plan to auto industry enthusiasts, environmentally responsible entrepreneurs and Tesla historians.

About the Author

Elon Musk is the CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors, and CEO and CTO of SpaceX.



You may ask yourself if Tesla Motors’ first product – the Tesla Roadster with the “premium” price tag of $89,000 [in 2006] – will help the world. Will it create a significant drop in global carbon emissions? And why on Earth would anyone make another sports car? For these two questions, “the answers are no and not much.” But Tesla founder Elon Musk argues that would be missing the point. The Tesla Roadster, faster than a Porsche or Ferrari and double as energy efficient as a Prius, is the means to an end. Tesla’s strategy is to offer a luxury vehicle to those prepared to pay for it, then use the profits to “drive down the market” quickly to produce more cars, with...

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