Summary of The SEO Tips That Helped Tally 20 Million Visits A Month

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Why are so many companies still trying to play the old “growth hacking” game? First Round Review shares actionable insights from Yummly chief growth officer Ethan Smith, who identifies how Google’s Panda algorithm changed SEO and explains how companies can leverage Google’s content guidelines to improve corporate SEO strategy. He offers practical tips for clean indexing and better intrasite cross-linking and addresses why start-ups should pursue SEO with a long-term, acquisition-oriented mind-set. getAbstract recommends this article to businesses looking to improve their sites' SEO. 

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First Round Review is the blog of First Round Capital, a seed-stage venture firm focused on building a vibrant community of technology entrepreneurs and companies.



In 2011, Google rolled out its Panda search algorithm. With this technology came new SEO rules: Sites could no longer trick Google into giving a high search ranking by leveraging backlinks or cramming pages full of designated keywords. Instead, sites had to provide good content for users – or face penalties. What content does Google consider “good”?

Rather than relying on your own definition of what good content entails, examine Google’s guidelines. Google provides roughly 150 pages of recommendations which, if followed, will help...

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