The Seven Conflict Styles of People You Argue with at Work

The Seven Conflict Styles of People You Argue with at Work

Everyone has a preferred style for arguing. Are you a compromiser, competitor or collaborator?

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Conflicts at work are inevitable. Yet you can decide whether you want to handle them in a productive or unproductive way. In fact, failing to confront disagreements can be as destructive as arguing them out. In this article, Monica Torres distinguishes between seven conflict styles people commonly use at the workplace. Learn how to recognize them in others and in yourself.


When people face conflict, their primary goal may either be to protect the relationship or to secure a result.

When conflict arises at the workplace, people either feel the need to protect a work relationship or to secure a result.

Depending on which one of the two is more important to them, individuals use different ways to deal with or address the conflict.

Most individuals resort to one of seven different conflict styles when disagreements arise at work.

All seven conflict styles come with advantages and disadvantages:

  1. The competitor – Competitors approach conflict as a zero-sum game. They seek to dominate co-workers and leave...

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Monica Torres is a senior work-life reporter for HuffPost.  

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