The Sleep Revolution

The Sleep Revolution

Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time




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Arianna Huffington – co-founder, president and editor-in-chief of Huffington Post Media Group, cultural phenomenon, and author of Thrive, Third World America, On Becoming Fearless and Pigs at the Trough – maintains her brand with impeccable timing. She brings out new books at measured intervals to ensure each one’s embrace by her readers. This book is no exception. Huffington showed that she’s an excellent editor-in-chief in her years building the Huffington Post. With her books, she faces the same editorial problem as brand names Malcolm Gladwell or Brené Brown: how to take a magazine article topic and fill an entire book with it. Here she rings the alarm about a “sleep-deprivation crisis.” No one, she argues persuasively, gets enough sleep and everybody should get more. Sleep, it turns out, is crucial to your mental and physical health.

This comes as a surprise to Huffington. In her previous bestseller, Thrive, she argued that everyone should work less and spend more time and energy on mindful activities that reduce stress. Her insistence on lessening your workload and spending an hour a day meditating raises the question of exactly for whom Huffington writes. Thrive seemed to speak to people who, like Huffington, enjoy lives of sufficient privilege to work less simply if they so choose. The Sleep Revolution aims at a similar demographic – who wouldn’t get more sleep if they could?

Or maybe Huffington reads the market with deceptive sophistication. Clothing and accessory manufacturers understand that the rich are now the consumers most worth pursuing. Airlines cram regular-fare passengers together like ants while offering five-figure “suites” to those who fly in the front. Perhaps Huffington understands that the upper demographics include enough book buyers to make The Sleep Revolution a bestseller. So far, the market has proved her prescient.

About the Author

Huffington Post Media Group co-founder, president and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington wrote The New York Times bestseller Thrive. Her other books include Third World America, On Becoming Fearless and Pigs at the Trough.

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