The Stem Cell Skeptic

The Stem Cell Skeptic

Through 7 years and 2000 blog posts, Paul Knoepfler has insisted that stem cells are being oversold

Science, 2017

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Why would a fierce advocate of stem cell research turn into an outspoken critic of stem cell therapy? Dr. Paul Knoepfler, professor, biomedical scientist and science writer, has spent the last seven years warning people against US clinics who advertise stem cells as a treatment for “everything from sore knees to spinal cord injury.” The article will inform and engage physicians and researchers who want to get a better insight into the world of stem cell therapy and the controversy that surrounds it.


Many stem cell treatments are not based on evidence from large-scale clinical trials.

Paul Knoepfler, professor at the University of California, Davis, has spent the last seven years cautioning people about stem cell treatments.

Some clinics claim that these treatments can heal anything from joint injuries to neurological and autoimmune diseases. However, these promises are not based on evidence from large-scale clinical trials. In addition, many of the treatment centers use adult stem cells in their treatments. This type of stem cell treatment...

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