The Unstoppable Organization

The Unstoppable Organization

Empower Your People, Engage Your Customers, and Grow Your Revenue

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All businesses want to increase sales and profits and attain “unstoppable growth.” But, for many, achieving sales growth is an uncertain, even chaotic, affair: one quarter up, the next quarter down. Consultant Shawn Casemore advises leaders to focus on their employees. He provides tactics, tools and tips leaders can use to help employees please customers and build sales and profits. After interviewing dozens of CEOs from North America’s leading companies, Casemore offers recommendations based on their advice for any organization that depends on the tripod of employees, customers and sales.


High-quality employees who fit your organizational culture will fuel your success.

The common belief is that an organization’s success depends on its brand, strong sales, intelligent marketing, the right processes, advanced technology and strong productivity. These factors are indeed crucial to commercial success. But your people count more: quality employees who work well with each other, support your company’s culture, develop close relationships with your customers, enthusiastically embrace your firm’s mission, know how to help achieve the mission and take the necessary steps to make it a commercial reality.

Find employees with superior skills. Recruiting and hiring people who fit your organization matters more than résumés. You can teach skills; you can’t teach personality. When you hire new people, integrate them into your operations and involve them in all its activities. Educate employees about your company’s vision and customer needs. Teach new staff members how their actions can meet and satisfy your consumers’ needs.

The internet is essential to sales. Many business leaders focus the lion’s share of their attention and efforts on software, web marketing...

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Consultant Shawn Casemore specializes in employee and customer empowerment.

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