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This is how we save lives from gun violence

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This is how we save lives from gun violence

The Washington Post,

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The numbers don’t lie: common sense gun control measures can save lives.

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Many opponents to gun reform opponents insist that lawmakers can do nothing to curb gun violence. Washington Post contributor Robert Gebelhoff begs to differ. Citing a number of compelling studies and statistics from the United States and other developed countries, he demonstrates that several easy-to-implement gun control measures could save a significant number of lives every year – without taking away the right of law-abiding US citizens to bear arms. getAbstract believes people with various views on guns in America might agree on these measures. 


Data on gun violence indicates that a number of specific gun control policies can curb gun-related injuries and deaths in the United States:

  • “Ban weapons of war” – If a mass shooter must reload his gun frequently, fewer people will perish. Hence, reducing the size of munition magazines and banning semiautomatic weapons could save lives.
  • “Keep guns away from kids” – One prison survey found that 17% of inmates who legally obtained a gun to commit a crime were under the age of 21. Because younger people commit violent crimes more frequently than older...

About the Author

Robert Gebelhoff  is a writer and editor who contributes to The Washington Post’s Opinions section.

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