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Ian Dunt, the editor of, has a knack for explaining the impact Brexit will have on the daily lives of ordinary citizens. Some British politicians are suggesting that the UK leaving the EU without a negotiated agreement – no-deal Brexit – is either desirable or becoming increasingly likely. Based on interviews with academics and business leaders, Dunt takes issue with what he calls a “demented policy” and explores its consequences by focusing on the specific example of Britain’s food supply. getAbstract recommends his piece to everybody who likes to look beyond the headlines and to UK citizens brave enough to face uncomfortable truths.

About the Author

Ian Dunt is editor of and the author of Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?



As of March 30, 2019, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union. As the deadline is nearing, a growing number of British politicians are advocating for Brexit to take effect without a formal agreement between the UK and the EU. However, a “no-deal” Brexit will have devastating consequences for the British economy. Looking at its likely repercussions for just one sector of the British economy – food – illustrates why.  

Food producers in EU member states are subject to the same stringent food safety regulations. Brexit will take UK ...

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