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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019

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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019


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Digital transformation has always been innovative, is often disruptive – and is rarely predictable.

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Digital transformation isn’t just a trend relegated to the periphery of business. Instead, it stands at the confluence of technology, business, and how people live and work. In this Forbes article, analyst Daniel Newman reflects on recent advances in technology to make predictions about where developments might go. As you read, bear in mind that the adoption of new technology doesn’t automatically translate to digital transformation. Technology’s influence on customers, employees, culture and community are at the crux of digital transformation.


The rollout of 5G will soon be everywhere, transforming the mobile landscape.

Many major mobile service providers have experimented with 5G, and newcomer Mimosa Networks is laying 5G groundwork in both rural and city locations. Using that infrastructure, ATT and Verizon will likely translate their enthusiasm for 5G into new customer experiences. iPhone users, however, may have to play catch-up.

Recent advances mean that chatbots will be better able to fulfill concrete service industry tasks.

About 40% of big businesses are working on using chatbot-style services rather than humans for various customer service applications, a step made possible by improved natural language processing and “sentiment analytics.” Many worry about the people who will lose their job to bots, but chances are that these workers will be upskilled rather than dismissed. Bots excel at delivering on straightforward customer requests but still aren’t able to demonstrate the empathy necessary for truly great customer interactions.

Companies will use the Multicloud – a mixture of ...

About the Author

Daniel Newman is the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and a head analyst at Futurum Research.

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