Toxic People Survival Guide
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Toxic People Survival Guide

How to Deal with Difficult, Negative, or Manipulative People, Handle Narcissists and Disarm Sociopaths

Chase HillChase Hill • 2021

Protect Yourself from Toxic People

by David Meyer

Prolific self-help author Chase Hill offers a basic primer for recognizing the harmful behaviors of others and taking steps to protect your emotional life.

Toxic people drain you of your energy, confidence and sense of self. Failing to recognize and deal with the toxic people in your life can lead to depression, social withdrawal and chronic pain, says life coach and prolific self-help author Chase Hill. His guide highlights toxic people’s red flags and teaches you tactics to better deal with them.

Identifying Toxic Behavior

People who intentionally manipulate others and refuse accountability are toxic. They are often liars, control freaks, gossips or people who love to stir up trouble. Several factors trigger toxic behaviors, including chemical imbalances in the brain, personality disorders, stress, and an individual’s predisposition toward pessimism or envy. But not all toxic people are toxic intentionally. Many people develop toxic habits as a defense mechanism during childhood. Toxicity lies on a spectrum.

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    M. V. 6 months ago
    I appreciate the descriptions that help me identify certain behaviors so I can choose to or not to participate.