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America’s and China’s salvos in their trade dispute will not likely escalate into a major conflagration, although the friction will lead to tension and a downbeat economic climate. So say the professionals at the Economist Intelligence Unit in this succinct report. They predict that international trade will slow in 2018 and that other countries will bypass the United States as they seek out more advantageous alliances. getAbstract recommends this plain-language analysis to consumers, executives and investors for its timely treatment of a globally important economic issue.

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The Economist Intelligence Unit is an independent research and analysis organization. 



Early in 2018, President Donald J. Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from China, Japan and other nations. And, in expressing concerns about Chinese intellectual property and technology transfer policies, the Trump administration has proposed additional tariffs. China may respond by imposing duties in proportion to the American trade restrictions rather than initiate a trade war. China would hit back on US imports such as soybeans and other agricultural products. The eventual trade battles between China and the US will dominate global trade in 2018 and beyond. 


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