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Google is one of the handful of technology companies that is shaping the contemporary world, so insight into how it grew and how it works is useful. Coaching and mentoring are central to management, so any work that provides new tools or useful approaches is also welcome. Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg and co-author Alan Eagle illuminate the intersection of strategy and coaching in this visit with the late football coach turned executive coach Bill Campbell, who led with a blend of old-school iconoclasm and bold honesty. His coaching was significant in the success of Google and other companies.

Bill Campbell’s business coaching springs from his athletic experience.

Google executives Schmidt and Rosenberg and co-author Eagle pay homage to the strategies and practices of “trillion-dollar coach” Bill Campbell (1940–2016). The authors demonstrate the importance of coaching and show managers how to apply lessons from athletics to business.

Campbell was a star on his high school football team before starting at Columbia University in 1958. Though only 5 feet 10 inches [177.8 cm] tall and 165 pounds [74.8 kg], he played offense and defense as team captain. He led Columbia to the only Ivy League championship it ever won, while driving a cab to support himself while at college.

About the Authors

Eric Schmidt was CEO and chair of Google from 2001 to 2011. Jonathan Rosenberg was a senior vice president at Google. Alan Eagle, a former speechwriter for Schmidt and Rosenberg, has been a director at Google since 2007.

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