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Trump University Marketing 101

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Trump University Marketing 101

How to Use the Most Powerful Ideas in Marketing to Get More Customers


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How to be a marketing expert without getting an M.B.A.

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This book is a branded homage to the business acumen of Donald Trump, illustrating his success in marketing everything from cologne and shirts to commercial real estate and casinos. Author Don Sexton covers the basic building blocks of marketing strategy. His writing is straightforward, and he includes worksheets and checklists for novices, though he offers little new for experienced marketers. He covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of media outreach to managing research and financial benchmarks for a marketing campaign. The examples are limited almost exclusively to the Trump Empire, given that this is part of the "Trump University" series. getAbstract commends this as a good basic book on marketing.


People and Products

Marketing is about people. A good marketer will find out what the company's customers want, target the right audience, and discover or formulate the benefits that make a product or service unique. If your business, large or small, does not offer something exceptional, you are just selling something that customers can get elsewhere easily. If you want your business to succeed, you must offer something your competition doesn't.

Make your marketing effort an integral part of your company's overall business plan. Most textbooks offer a limited definition of marketing - a combination of product, price, promotion and place - but product is most important. Base your strategy on how your customers view your product and how much they are willing to pay for it. The goal of your marketing campaign is to increase your product's "perceived value."

Every business, large or small, needs a plan to allocate its marketing resources. Focus on your target customer, and provide clear direction to your marketing team members. Your strategy should address your target market, product "positioning" and goals. "Targeting" and positioning influence how you "coordinate...

About the Author

Don Sexton, Ph.D., a business professor at Columbia University for more than 35 years, is the founding president of a consulting firm. He has written many articles on branding and marketing.

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