Two Groups You Can’t Ignore (but Probably Do) in the War for Talent

Two Groups You Can’t Ignore (but Probably Do) in the War for Talent

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The competition to attract talent is fierce, so a team of professionals at the Boston Consulting Group urges companies to consider two types of workers they’ve long overlooked. This practical, well-argued article explains where recruiters and hiring staff should focus their efforts, as well as how to get the most out of every hiring investment. Today’s businesses, say the authors, simply can’t afford to ignore this advice.


Low unemployment and a healthy global economy have intensified competition for workplace talent. Today’s firms must look afresh at two types of candidates they’ve typically ignored: their past employees and professionals returning to the labor force. HR knows more about company alumni than it does about the average new hire, and alumni are conversant with the corporate culture and expectations. These workers often require less training than an outside candidate. Moreover, the shifting landscape of work means that the populations of business alumni and workforce returnees will likely keep growing. Many professionals are following nonlinear career...

About the Authors

Matt Krentz, Jennifer Garcia-Alonso, Frances Brooks Taplett and Susie Grehl are professionals at the Boston Consulting Group.

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