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Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates – Sal Khan

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Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates – Sal Khan

Episode 2

Gates Notes,

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Khan Academy founder Sal Khan tells Bill Gates how AI can support teachers and improve education.

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How will the development of AI technology transform learning? In this enlightening episode of the Unconfuse Me with Bill Gates podcast, host Bill Gates and Khan Academy founder Sal Khan discuss the evolving relationship between education and AI. Khan shares his journey from working in finance to creating his not-for-profit education platform. He and Gates talk about the importance of personalized education and why collaboration matters. Khan explains how his new AI-powered tutoring tool, Khanmigo, can facilitate classroom interactions and provide personalized support to students and teachers.


Khan Academy was a forerunner in personalized e-learning.

In 2004, Sal Khan was a hedge fund analyst when he offered to tutor his 12-year-old cousin in math. Under his remote tutelage, Khan saw his cousin transform from a poor math student to an excellent one. By 2009, his free tutoring videos were reaching 100,000 people. Khan founded Khan Academy to make sure learning content would be accessible to students whenever they needed it and to enable people to learn at their own pace. 

Khan Academy has transformed learning. For example, teachers can instruct a small group of students while the rest of the class works online independently, mastering the fundamentals of a given lesson. Teachers also can track each student’s progress in real time using Khan Academy’s instructor dashboard.

New AI-backed tools, such as Khanmigo, can boost student engagement and provide real-time...

About the Podcast

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is a software developer and philanthropist. Sal Khan is founder of Khan Academy, which provides free online courses and resources to learners worldwide.

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