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Video Marketing

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Video Marketing

Create Engaging Video Campaigns to Drive Brand Growth and Sales

Kogan Page,

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Old-school advertising won’t sway today’s audiences. Learn to create appealing and cost-effective video campaigns.

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In 2022, video content will drive over 80% of business and consumer IP traffic. Former BBC documentary producer and director Jon Mowat says you can leverage the power of video on a minimal budget. The secret, he says, lies in using storytelling to appeal to audience emotions and rationality. Learn how you can create long-term brand growth and hit short-term sales targets by strategically embracing visual narrative and improving your video production skills. 


Video content inundates consumers every minute. Make yours stand out.

If you want to connect with affluent, young consumers, forgo outdated advertising models and embrace video and social content. Video content will account for over 80% of business and consumer IP traffic in 2022, with over 60% of adults under 32 preferring to check their smartphones – rather than sitting and thinking– when they have a free moment.

A video marketing strategic mind-set delivers brand growth by launching multiple videos across multiple channels. Every minute, you compete with massive amounts of content – “content soup” – on platforms ranging from Snapchat – which generates 21 million snaps per minute – to TikTok, whose users view nearly 700,000 videos per minute. Your brand must grab consumer attention, even as millions of other content creators attempt the same.

Evolutionary psychology explains the power of emotional narratives.

Human evolution predisposes the brain to respond to narrative. Listening to stories activates the part of your brain responsible for understanding others and a memory-processing region of your brain...

About the Author

Managing director at the UK video marketing agency Hurricane Media Jon Mowat is a video strategy expert, public speaker and award-winning content creator.

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