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Creating and delivering online presentations can be complex, especially if you’re working remotely. Consultant Rob Biesenbach provides accessible insights and pointers in his 30-minute crash course. He explains how to solve technical issues, ensure that your content is on point and give a lively presentation. Some of his engaging lessons are technical, such as making sure your lighting is good and properly adjusting the height of your camera, and some address your personal skills, like knowing how to raise your energy level to make your online presentation more engaging.

About the Speaker

Rob Biesenbach helps corporate leaders improve their presentation and communication abilities.He is the author of Unleash the Power of Storytelling, 11 Deadly Presentation Sins and Act Like You Mean Business.


Working away from the office raises difficulties regarding video presentations.

Creating and presenting an online video presentation can be harder if you work remotely because you function separately from your colleagues and must deal with the limits of your at-home technology.

To make a stellar home video presentation, dial up everything you do. Elevate the energy of your voice, gestures, involvement with the audience, enthusiasm and visuals.

When preparing your presentation, consider your technology, your material and how you want to share the information with your audience.

Your technology can cause unnecessary problems, so check it carefully and reboot your computer before you begin.

Before you begin your presentation, reboot your computer to eliminate anything in its short-term memory cache. Clean up your desktop by removing private files and signing out of any messaging systems that may interrupt or interfere with your presentation.

If you are on Wi-Fi, but far from your router, your connection may be weak. To increase its strength, find a quiet location closer to your router...

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