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Companies are increasingly employing automated systems in their hiring processes – but are machines are up to the job? A podcast from MIT Technology Review’s series on artificial intelligence (AI) in hiring delves into AI-based video interviewing systems, whose use has boomed during the pandemic. Journalists Jennifer Strong and Hilke Schellmann spoke with executives at AI system vendors, users, and experts in psychology, computer science and ethics about how these systems work and why some are raising red flags. Anthony Green, Jennifer Strong, Emma Cillekens and Karen Hao produced.

About the Podcast

Anthony Green is a podcast producer for MIT Technology Review.


AI-based video interviewing systems are changing the way companies hire.

Companies are increasingly using interviewing systems that employ AI to evaluate candidates before their applications ever reach a hiring manager. These systems typically have applicants respond to standard questions via video, and the AI then analyzes and scores their responses – based on what they say, their tone of voice and in some cases their facial expressions. In most cases, vendors recommend combining the AI’s results with the hiring manager’s own judgment, but at least one recommends allowing the AI system to perform screening autonomously.

Advocates say these systems can offer more objective, fair evaluations than humans alone can ...

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