Hospitality entrepreneur Chris Conley introduces the concept of the “modern elder” – that is, mid- to late-life workers who stay relevant by wedding wisdom with a willingness to learn from and mentor younger generations. Although power is shifting to the young, the wisdom that comes with age is regaining value. Executives, hiring managers and midlife workers fearing that their value comes with an expiration date will appreciate Conley’s engaging, sage advice.


When the young co-founders of Airbnb invited hospitality entrepreneur Chip Conley to help bring the company to the next level and act as an in-house mentor, Conley initially felt lost. Though he had more than 25 years’ experience leading a bricks-and-mortar hospitality brand, he worried that he might not have much to offer the young tech wizards. Conley’s situation is not unique. Some 40% of US workers have a younger boss, and the young are assuming power at a remarkable rate. Young founders launch companies in their 20s, transforming them into global powerhouses by their 30th birthdays. Yet digital expertise doesn’t compensate for the lack of experience in relationship dynamics.


About the Speaker

Chip Conley, author of Wisdom at Work, founded America’s second-largest boutique hotel brand.

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