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What Happens When Our Computers Get Smarter Than We Are  summary
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Science-fiction novelists aren’t the only people who envision a future ruled by superintelligent machines. Nick Bostrom and his fellow computer scientists and philosophers also imagine what shape the machine era might take. They’re concerned that superintelligent machines won’t share or care about human values. Bostrom makes a strong case for ensuring that they do. getAbstract believes techies and laypeople alike will find his talk compelling.

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Nick Bostrom is head of the Future of Humanity Institute and author of the book Superintelligence.



If the Earth were one year old, humankind would only be 10 minutes old, and the industrial era would be just two seconds old. Though technological advancement is recent, it is accelerating rapidly. On an intelligence continuum, you might expect a genius such as Albert Einstein to fall far from a chimpanzee. Yet the biological differences between the two are minor; a few slight evolutionary differences can cause major variance. And some further minor changes could irrevocably alter the “substrate of thinking.” Developments in machine superintelligence could trigger such consequences for humankind.


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