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What I Learned from 100 Days of Rejection summary
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Entrepreneur Jia Jiang is all too familiar with rejection and its accompanying feelings of distress, embarrassment and inadequacy. Realizing that his sensitivity to negative responses was debilitating, Jiang took novel steps to become inured to rejection. With a large dose of self-deprecating humor, he describes his journey to conquering his greatest fear. getAbstract believes Jiang’s charming, refreshing tale can inspire anyone who wishes to surmount anxiety.

About the Speaker

Entrepreneur Jia Jiang owns Rejection Therapy, a website that helps individuals overcome their fears of rejection.



When entrepreneur Jia Jiang was in first grade, his teacher prompted each of her students to stand at the front of the class and compliment a classmate. Upon receiving a compliment, each pupil could take a gift. At the end of the exercise, no one had praised Jiang, who wept with bitter disappointment. This painful experience left an indelible scar on his character.

As a teenager, Jiang aspired to build a company that would eventually buy out Microsoft. But by age 30, he hadn’t taken any steps toward that goal. Fear crippled him. Even when he proposed new ideas at work, his cowering first-grade self defeated his ambitious teenage self. Jiang knew he had to slay his rejection demon. He came across a website – Rejection Therapy – that encouraged him to desensitize himself...

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