What Is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing?

Everything You Need to Know About the Cloud, Explained

Zdnet, 2018

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Some technology users may not even realize they’re in the cloud when they use Office 365, Salesforce or Netflix; others have merely a sketchy grasp of the inner workings of cloud technology. But decision makers who consider moving business processes to the cloud must have a better understanding of the benefits and risks the cloud presents in terms of costs and security. Steve Ranger, UK editor in chief of ZDNet, delivers an easy-to-digest primer on cloud computing and explores the advantages and disadvantages companies face when considering cloud technology.


Most people know cloud computing only as a mechanism for accessing applications and data storage via the internet.

Individuals and businesses increasingly use cloud computing to manage a multitude of computing services, including personal email, video streaming, mainstream office applications and IT infrastructure. The cloud enables companies to streamline IT operations by renting hardware and software, often on a pay-as-you-go basis. Companies increasingly rely on cloud services. Corporate IT expenditures have been shifting away from in-house toward the cloud, and the trend appears to continue. The move to the cloud may be a company’s choice or the result of an existing provider’s own shift to cloud-based business models.

Companies offer three types of cloud...

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Steve Ranger is an award-winning journalist and UK editor in chief of ZDNet and TechRepublic. He writes about technology, business and culture and regularly discusses tech issues on TV and radio.

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