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In this enlightening TED Talk, behavioral economist Dan Ariely shares his experiments and findings about what motivates today’s workers. Merely issuing a paycheck won’t keep people energized, explains Ariely. getAbstract considers this a lecture that will motivate business leaders and employees alike.

About the Speaker

Dan Ariely is an author and behavioral economics professor at Duke University.



The assumption that people work only for a paycheck is inaccurate. The forces that motivate are much more complex. Consider why some individuals subject themselves to the rigor and pain of mountain climbing. Although the ascent is often miserable, they find meaning in the challenge and eventual accomplishment. That’s why one professional felt dejected when a demanding project was canceled at the last minute. His long labors felt fruitless.

Researchers devised an experiment to study the importance of meaning in work. In the first variation, the “meaningful...

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