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According to labor organizer Jess Kutch, management shouldn’t fear “productive conflict,” a process that can shed light on underlying workplace problems and find resolutions. Employees who push for change do so because they care deeply. The Coworker.org platform that Kutch co-founded offers employee activists a place to connect, share stories and address festering issues. Productive conflict aspires to “build a better workplace, a stronger business and an economy that works for all of us.”


Thoughtfully testing existing power structures can yield positive results for people at every level of an organization.

Jess Kutch co-founded Coworker.org in 2013 to provide employees with a platform to advocate for solutions to workplace problems. As a workplace organizer, her job description elicits one of three reactions: First is confusion. Some individuals assume she tidies and organizes workspaces, much like a Marie Kondo of the business world. Second is discomfort. Executives and managers fear workplace organization. It disrupts the power balance, which they find threatening. Third is elation. For those who lack workplace influence, the empowerment of organizing is exciting and energizing...

About the Speaker

Labor entrepreneur Jess Kutch co-founded Coworker.org, a nonprofit organization that helps employees band together to foment change within their jobs and workplaces.

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