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Are you comfortable watching your smart TV while your smart TV is watching you? Journalists Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu explored the inner workings of smart devices to find the depths to which they invade users’ privacy, and the results are disturbing. getAbstract recommends Hill and Mattu’s report, which contains some strong language, to those who are succumbing to the siren’s call of the Internet of Things. “The future dystopia is getting here fast.”


When Kashmir Hill’s husband bought her an Amazon Echo smart speaker, Hill, a journalist, decided to turn her residence into a “smart home.” She wired up her apartment with 18 smart devices, all of which connect to the Internet, collect data and communicate with their owners. She then invited fellow journalist Surya Mattu to build a special router that would monitor the smart devices that were surveilling the Hill’s home. For two months, the router logged every network packet that entered or left the home, telling Mattu what the devices were sharing with their manufacturers&#...

About the Speakers

Kashmir Hill is a technology journalist. Surya Mattu is an engineer and an investigative journalist.

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