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What's This INDIA Business? book summary

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Paul Davies offers a very thoughtful, useful and interesting look at how to outsource overseas. Davies taught for nine years and has a Ph.D. in English focused on the novels of George Eliot. He also served as Managing Director of Unisys in India. The book reflects his varied expertise and idiosyncrasies. Both his left and right brains are well developed, and the competition between the two plays out in the pages of his book. At times it reads like a management consultant's manual on the growing practice of "offshoring." At other times, it reads like a very perceptive travel book that guides executives on what to expect when they encounter the culture shock of India. The effect is not disjointed, however, and this volume would be valuable for any firm considering an offshore effort in India and, probably, in other countries as well. Because Davies gives you a good overview of what you will encounter when you outsource, as well as practical business advice, getAbstract highly recommends his book for those who are considering moving aspects of their businesses overseas, especially to India.

About the Author

As former managing director of Unisys India, Paul Davies was responsible for developing Indian business domestically. He also transferred IT development and several substantial business processes to India from the U.S. and Europe. His customers in India included the largest private sector bank, ICICI, and the largest government owned bank, State Bank of India, as well as Air India. Davies is currently the managing director of Onshore Offshore Ltd., which consults on development of offshore services to Indian, European and U.S. companies.


India Today, India Tomorrow

The Internet, the "miracle drug" of international business, has facilitated the widespread transfer of Western corporate endeavors to offshore locations. The stakes are huge. In India alone, this practice will account for some $5 billion of revenue in 2005. If you can coordinate with the colleague in the office next door who keeps his door shut, then you can carry out your endeavors in India as well.

India has become the international center for information technology development and support. But to do business effectively in India, you must engage Indian business people on an equal footing. They enjoy a tremendous advantage. They have watched Western films and have been exposed to Western culture all their lives. They have probably visited Western countries. In fact, one-tenth of the very wealthiest Californians are of Indian descent. The Westerner hoping to operate in India must acquire a parallel understanding of Indian culture. Almost half of all outsourcing projects fail, often due to a lack of cultural understanding.

Most foreigners either love India or hate it. Where else in the world could you see people laying fiber optic ...

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