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Amazon’s success is unassailable, tech entrepreneur and writer Zack Kanter is convinced. In this article, he explains why. Amazon turns internal processes into products. This makes the company money, but it benefits even more from the continual feedback it collects by being in the market. If services keep selling, all is well. If not, Amazon’s management knows the company needs to make them better or let them go. If there is a chink in Amazon’s armor, Kanter doesn’t find it. getAbstract recommends his insights to anyone with an interest in retail.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How Amazon services fundamentally differ from their competitors’,
  • Why even large competitors such as Walmart will struggle to catch up with Amazon and
  • What Amazon might do next.

About the Author

Zack Kanter is founder and CEO of Stedi,  a modern electronic data interchange platform.



No one can outdo Amazon. Retail giants such as Walmart can emulate individual services like  two-day (or one-hour) delivery, but Amazon’s strength doesn’t lie in individual products but rather in its development strategy. When Amazon creates new components of its business, it turns them into products and exposes them to market forces.

Take Amazon Web Services, the tech infrastructure Amazon created for itself in 2011 because the framework the company required didn’t exist on the market. Amazon then turned it into a product that others could use...

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