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Why China Is So Good at Building Railways

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Why China Is So Good at Building Railways

Wendover Productions,

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Does your country lack the political will to build public transport?

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If you’ve never lived in a country with an efficient and punctual train system, it would be hard to understand rail travel’s singular pleasures. The benefits extend beyond the obvious economic gains, cleaner air, a better-connected country, and fewer traffic accidents to the individual joys of a peaceful, productive commute. In this Wendover Productions video, Sam Denby explains how China was able to build a bigger train system more cheaply and much faster than anywhere else in the world.


China doesn’t fit the typical profile of a country with high-speed rail, but the country has built an impressive network over the past decade.

In 2008, China had two high-speed rail lines in total. Now China has just as much high-speed rail as the rest of the world combined. 

High-speed rail systems are usually the domain of wealthy, geographically small countries like France, Germany and Japan. China doesn’t fit the pattern. It’s a large country, about the size of the United States. And while it’s no longer poor – China is firmly in middle-income territory, along with Thailand, Mexico and Brazil – it’s still the poorest country to invest in high-speed rail. 

The Chinese government invests in the rail system because it builds the economy, but...

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Wendover Productions is an educational YouTube channel started by Sam Denby in 2010. The channel has over three million subscribers. Denby’s other channels include Extremities; Half as Interesting; and Sam from Wendover.

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