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Winning Results with Google AdWords

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Winning Results with Google AdWords


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This map can help you with Google AdWords, from determining your keywords to writing your ads and tracking your results.

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Google is the most popular Internet search engine, so having your ad pop up on its search results can be a boon for your business. The challenge is to get your ad to appear on the first page of search results by using just the right keywords. Author Andrew E. Goodman shows readers the best ways to play the AdWords game. The primary warning is that Google AdWords rules change faster than a book can be published, and they have changed since this book was issued. However, the book still provides valuable concepts and ideas for online ad campaigns. Learn how to select the right keywords, write copy, test your ads, modify campaigns based on collected data, set a budget and reduce the chances of attracting the wrong prospects. getAbstract believes this book gives readers a better understanding of how to work with search engine ads.


Full Delivery Ad Impact

Banner ads worked until users began ignoring them. Google hopes that relevance will protect its AdWords text ads from the same "blindness," since they are based on searchers’ keywords and positive user experiences. To get "full-delivery" - that is, to make sure your ads appear almost every time users enter your keywords - pay attention to your keyword selection, bids and account settings. The challenge is balancing bid amounts and "clickthrough" success.

New AdWords users pay a small one-time activation fee and subsequent per-ad-click rates from $0.01 to $100 per click. Google will recommend a cost-per-click (CPC) rate for you. You can then overbid, underbid or accept the rate. Your ad’s location (top or bottom) on the ad list that appears with a relevant search depends on its CPC and number of clicks - but clicks weigh more.

To reach beyond Google, purchase access to the Google Network of Internet partners who show AdWords ads on their sites. Google’s help files and FAQ tell you how to use AdWords, including how to bid using current formulas that determine your ad placement.

Most of the time, Google displays sponsored listings across...

About the Author

Andrew E. Goodman is founder of a consulting firm specializing in search engine marketing and online presence strategy. He’s a regular speaker at industry conferences.

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