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Winning with a Data-Driven Strategy

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Winning with a Data-Driven Strategy

Making decisions based on hard evidence requires a major shift in culture, technology, and mind-set.


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Ensure your employees have the data they need to make informed decisions.

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Organizations that undertake digital transformation can encounter a variety of stumbling blocks – but a few front-runners that have implemented successful data initiatives offer lessons and inspiration. Writing for Strategy+business, Pawan Kumar, Ramy Sedra and Javier Barguñó Casanova – all PwC partners and technology or data and analytics consulting leaders – describe best practices at pioneering companies and give valuable guidance for leaders seeking to transform their businesses.


Companies need to become data-driven to meet their operational goals, but they face an array of obstacles.

Making decisions based on gut feelings no longer suffices. A data-driven approach to decisions and action is becoming necessary for growth, customer retention and competitiveness. Often though, even companies that possess the data they need and invest in powerful technology fail to use that data to drive the business. Data may persist in silos or vary in format from department to department. Data reliability can pose a problem. Or the organization’s strategy for implementing data initiatives can hamper progress, such as when tech investments don’t link to usage cases. Piecemeal, unit-level initiatives will fail to gain traction.

Leaders should integrate data with...

About the Authors

Pawan Kumar is PwC India’s joint leader for technology consulting, Ramy Sedra is PwC Canada’s data and analytics consulting leader, and Javier Barguñó Casanova is PwC Spain’s data and analytics consulting leader.

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