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Wise Confidence

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Wise Confidence

Overcome Self-Doubt and Build Lasting Self-Esteem

Giovanni Dienstmann,

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Learn how to build genuine self-confidence, release self-doubt and become empowered.

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If self-doubt plagues you, you’re not alone. Few people possess genuine self-confidence – but it’s a quality you can learn to build for yourself. Meditation teacher Giovanni Dienstmann offers a clear, practical framework for confidence-building that you can incorporate into your daily life. If you’re looking for an overnight quick fix, this isn’t the framework for you: True confidence takes time to develop. Learn why designing your ideal life forms a vital part of building authentic self-confidence, and how to navigate the existential uncertainty that comes with this transformative journey.


Strengthen the five elements of self-confidence, and start betting on yourself.

Most people feel plagued by doubts and fears, as a result of internalizing limiting beliefs about what they’re capable of achieving. People who lack confidence frequently display self-doubt, arrogance or overconfidence. Those operating from a place of self-doubt might have anxiety about the outcomes of their actions, and those who are arrogant and overconfident tend to express baseless conviction.

If you have self-doubts, self-confidence will help you overcome them. Building self-confidence requires developing a healthier self-concept and discovering a more positive way to navigate life. The “Wise Confidence” approach can help you cultivate inner wisdom, humility and awareness as you develop greater confidence.

The following five elements contribute to self-confidence, and you can boost your confidence by strengthening each of them:

  1. Self-belief – Having faith in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals will help you stop giving your power away through self-doubt.
  2. Courage – A belief in your ability to navigate challenges...

About the Author

Giovanni Dienstmann is a self-discipline coach and meditation teacher. He also wrote Practical Meditation and Mindful Self-Discipline.

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