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Women CEOs Speak

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Women CEOs Speak

Strategies for the next generation of female executives and how companies can pave the road.

Korn Ferry Institute,

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Significantly increasing the numbers of women in CEO positions at large companies will take concerted efforts.

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The Rockefeller Foundation has established a goal of seeing women in 100 chief executive roles at Fortune 500 companies by 2025. Given that in 2017 only 30 women held the CEO seat at Fortune 500 firms, the “100x25” goal will take a concerted effort to reach. To assist organizations in identifying and developing high-potential women, the global people and organizational advisory firm Korn Ferry Institute studied current or former female CEOs of Fortune 1000 and similar-sized companies. Its analysis comprehensively describes these leaders’ career approaches, motivators, values, personal traits and competencies. getAbstract recommends Korn Ferry’s detailed report and practical recommendations to women who aspire to executive-suite positions and managers who would like to attract more women into leadership roles – as well as anyone who would like to assist as a mentor or sponsor.  


The vast majority of high-achieving women didn't set out to become chief executives, a study of 57 current and former female CEOs of Fortune 1000 and similar-sized companies revealed. Most did not consider themselves CEO material until either a mentor or boss suggested the possibility or they received a job offer. Those who took a zigzag path to the CEO seat were just as successful as those who had made strategic moves to reach the position. Of the surveyed CEOs, 40% had science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) degrees and 21% ...

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Korn Ferry Institute is a global people and organizational advisory firm.

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